Wednesday, August 09, 2006


This morning, CW posted a "5 words to describe your life right now" meme.

Glibly, I thought mine would be:


I blame Danny Wallace and his book Yes Man.

He tried saying "yes" to absolutely everything for a year, as long as it didn't go against his fundamental moral principles...and the requester didn't know what he was doing. So, while he wouldn't kill anyone if requested, he did end up taking Scientology personality tests, being told about God by Jehovah's witnesses, going to parties on weekdays and taking many opportunities he would previously have walked by.

"Like to visit Singapore?" ,screams a travel poster.."Yes".(ticket bought and weekend away).
"Like another credit card? ", asks the letter..."yes"...
"Are you staring at my girlfriend, mate?" asks burly drunk in nightclub.."yes"
"Are you looking for a punch in the face then?"..."yes". (And he survived..the guy thought he was clearly mad and left, muttering).

While not going to Danny's extremes, I've tried saying "yes" a lot more when opportunities have come my way. I guess it led to helping to start up the lint blog. I guess it led to me to agreeing to find out about social software for MPOW. It's why I said "yes" last night to doing something legal involving Microsoft that I should have said "no" to. It's why I was a single person audience for Mr3's "kinda dance" session at daycare today, during my child-free day.

Interestingly, most of the "yeses" have been to things not involving my kids and family, where previously I would have said "No, I just don't have time".

It's why I looked at CW's "5 words" meme and said "yes, I'll try that too".

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