Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Random idea generators have overtaken my life.

My hair is unwashed, my children go hungry and the cat meows at my feet. Why?

Because I discovered via
snail's trail the Library 2.0 Generator at Dave Pattern's weblog. To get sucked right into its vortex, click here.

Some ideas just can't be implemented.

My favourite so far has been "
reclassify your staff using a folksonomy". ( Does that mean we could replace their job descriptions with tags like "loudlaugh", "funkyshoes" or "tidydesk" ?).

But I can never be quite sure that something even more bizarre won't be generated if I push the
click for another idea button one more time. It's like playing the poker machines. I keep walking away and pretending to do something serious, but always return to my screen for just one more try.

If I allow it into my work time, and end up jobless, maybe I could hop over to
Web Two Point Oh!: Create your own Web 2.0 Company and randomly generate a company to get me out of debt. How about Tripkoya: rss-based classifieds via instant messaging, or Zimelirati: streaming textbooks via flash or...just let me press that button one more time.....just once.....

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