Saturday, August 05, 2006

Feel the power - safe and unsafe ways


Yesterday I was almost an ex-librarian and ex-mother-of-two and ex-blogger.

I was moving a laptop from my Co-Pilot's office to Mr8's room. It was switched on and plugged in. While I was unplugging it from the power point, I accidentally touched the pins of the plug and "zap" however many volts were going into the laptop went straight into me! I felt a bit of an "ouch" and my upper bicep has been sore since. Glad the kids weren't watching.

Don't try this at home


At least twice a week, I'm an iron pumping librarian..and I just love it. If I can get through the sqats and the lunges and curl my biceps, I know I can handle most things a library and kids can throw at me. It's a bit of Little Engine That Could Therapy a couple of times a week ( "I think I can, I think I can..").

I do it in a class with funky music playing to make it interesting. The class I take,
Body Pump, has worldwide releases of new moves and music evey three months. It even has a web site where I can suggest music that they can use in the next release.

If an interesting experiment started by a Liverpool library becomes a trend, then maybe I won't even have to leave my library to get my power fix. They have installed squat machines and shoulder presses next to their OPACs, so that people waiting for the PCs can workout. Personally, I'm all for it!

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