Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mummy's Honour Certificate

About twice a year I receive a note from Mr8's teacher telling me to turn up at the next school assembly because Mr8 is going to receive an Honour Certificate. The whole family drops him off at school and we casually say "Oh, we're here now. Is there assembley this morning? Maybe we'll just stay for that".

Mr8's Honour Certificate

We sing the jazzy version of the national anthem complete with digeridoo and a drum machine beat. We distract Mr3 in an effort to keep him quiet (a pre packed lunchbox works wonders). We join in when the music teacher leads us through today's song, complete with hand actions and bum wiggles. We listen to a description of "This week's virtue".

Mr8 usually receives his for "determination" and "great attitude" and "improvement". We know that every kid will get a couple each year. But it is still special and makes us feel really proud. If you know Mr8, then you'll know that hearing he is still trying his hardest and that the teachers acknowledge this is a big achievement. The last honour certificate commended him on his "friendliness" - for him, that's BIG!.

So, as I was leaving work on Friday, I saw a white envelope in the tray next to my in-tray. In it was a Staff Recognition Award. It's for innovation in using and exploring new technologies throught the MULTA project and the development of screen capture online tutorials. They do have a staff morning tea where they present these each quarter, but it's not on the day I work. I don't think it involves the whole family or digeridoos or bum wiggling.

I took it home and showed the family over dinner. "What's that?" asked Mr8. "Oh, that's mummy's Honour Certificate" said the Co-Pilot. I think they were proud.


Deanne said...

Congratulations Sirexkat (and Mr8!).

Kathryn Greenhill said...

Thanks De.

CW said...

That's wonderful that YPOW* should recognise your contribution! :)

*YPOW = Your Place Of Work (sorry ;) )

Kathryn Greenhill said...

Yes - and it works both ways.

I was impressed with how a colleague was doing her job a couple of months ago, and was glad that I could nominate her for a Quarterly Staff Award.

It's nice to be recognised - but also nice to have somewhere to recognise others' contributions.

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