Friday, August 11, 2006

What I learned during the MULTA project.

Today at the MULTA project wrap up meeting I listed 10 things that I learned during the MULTA project.

An image I used to encourage staff to take part in the project.

1. Forums are probably not the answer to internal communications that I thought they'd be.

2. Blogs are not online journals. They are just a convenient way to make a web site and can be used as an OPAC, a review site or a regular web site.

3. Blogs are most useful if they have an RSS feed and are part of a network of bloggers with an interlacing comments culture.

4. Wikis are easy and useful, and make me more inclined to share what I know.

5. Wikis need wiki gardeners.

6. A large proportion of the people who will enter first year Uni in five years use MySpace today.

7. If you expect your site to be used one way, users will probably find a way to use it that suits their needs (eg. Flickr started as a photo sharing site, but is now used a place to upload images for blogging). I think this is true of our library web site - our users probably don't use it in what we see as the best possible way.

8. If you know enough about the layer underneath your web site, there are great new tools that allow you to do amazing things if you have the skills.

9. Social tagging can't be explained in just one session.

10. Many library staff have secret talents that blogging brings out.

If you'd like to see more about what happened each week at MULTA, you can visit our weekly recap page.

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