Friday, August 25, 2006

Librarian Fit Club - Join Up

Feel like flexing some bloggy muscles? Been resisting all things How about joining some other librarians as they learn about Library 2.0 tools AND get fit at the same time?

Keith Engwall who is a librarian in Salisbury, North Carolina is inviting other librarians to join him in a project to use new web tools to work toward a common goal of shifting a few pounds.

So far he has set up a basecamp group
, which requires an admin to add you, and a flickr group , which is open. He'd like some more people to weigh in with setting up a bog and a wiki.

A potential participant suggested using the 43 things website to track our goals. The joint goal is be a more fit librarian. It's been a while since I looked at the site, so I went back for another look tonight.

I'd seen it before I delved into Library 2.0, but not joined in. Funny, but I am so much less reserved about giving out a few personal details and jumping straight into a social web site. I remember thinking "hmm interesting", and looking at who was from my home town, but not really thinking that I might participate.

Tonight I was joined up in the first minute and after half an hour or so of playing, I have a list of 8 things that I have done, all flagged as "worth doing" by me. I have 6 things I want to do.

What have I done?
What do I want to do?
Should I choose it, I'll be reminded every week that these are my goals. I can see who else shares my goals and what their other goals are. I can "cheer" someone else to encourage them.

I actually received a cheer within seconds of posting a goal (something to do with my comment on the "go to a nude beach" goal that it was really worthwhile..except for one Easter holidays when I accidentally met my own brother there...hooo boy).

(I also want to go to 12 places:

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Deanne said...

Hi Again,

I didn't read this post first time round because it related to librarians and fitness but I love the way the project works and I laughed out loud about you meeting your brother at the nude beach. Hoo boy indeed. I have 'go to nude beach' on my 'maybe I should do that' list. I'm not sure if this has encouraged me or not! I've visited some of the places on your 'to visit' list and they're on my 'places to visit again' list now - Byron Bay (where I visited a rambling organic fruit farm type place), Noosa (where I saw a koala in the small pocket of national forest) and Cairns. Again, hope you have a great time!