Thursday, August 17, 2006

Are we mashed yet?

I thought I'd have a peek at the entries in Talis's Mashing up the Library competition that I blogged about on July 2nd. It closes tomorrow. One thousand pounds is up for grabs.

Now, maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I can't find the entries. They are supposed to be tagged on technorati with but I can only see 21 postings under this and only two are entries.

One finds a string that looks like an ISBN from any web page and shows what can be done with it (eg. search Amazon, show your library's holdings, cite the item in whichever citation style you specify). The other bundles RSS feeds that a library might want to provide to patrons (eg. New books, contents of current issues of specified journals) and presents them using an OPML browser. They are both created by Tony Hirst. I like them very much, particularly the first one.

Some possible explanations other than "that's all the entries there will be this year".
  1. Everyone is waiting until the last moment to enter, so no-one else can create a smarter cousin to their idea
  2. I'm just not looking in the right place. A search of Flickr shows nothing under that tag, and has just four entries.
I know that there are people with the skills to make wonderful library mashups (Note to Talis: next year don't ask them all to be judges). I also know that lots of people are just stretching their wings in these areas. I think that next year, or the year after there will be floods of entries. Even better, there will be people entering things that they just had hanging around because they made them for work.

I also feel much, much better about where I am with mashups, APIs, OPML, Ajax etc. I know their names and what they do, but we haven't really met yet and certainly haven't tangoed. Seems like I'm not the only wallflower in libraries. Let's get dancing!


Cloned Milkmen said...

I can say that I am indeed working on my entry at the last minute. I also know a few others who had intended to put in an entry but may not have had the time.

Because this is the first competition, I think many people didn't hear about it until well after the competition was under way and just didn't have the time to put something together. A quality mashup, is NOT the easiest thing to put together.

Talis is wonderful for sponsoring this competition, and I think that, should they sponsor it again next year, that there will be MANY more entries.

Kathryn Greenhill said...


Having no knowledge of mashups, I was tempted to try one myself last night...after all one thousand pounds....the glory...

I think we'll all be in awe of anyone who enters the you say, this is not just a stroll in the park.