Friday, August 11, 2006

It's a wrap!

We had our wrap up meeting for the MULTA project today. This was a two month collaborative project where library staff used a tikiwiki environment to find out ablout blogs, wikis, social tagging, forums, RSS feeds, Library 2.0 and some of the associated memes. I wrote a wiki page defining each one and set weekly tasks involving one technology per week. I also ran a "hands on" workshop once a week.

The reminder I sent out to staff about today's meeting. Thanks to Librarian in Black for the pointer to

We decided how we wanted to continue to use the site, and to continue MULTAting new technologies (what about podcasting and screencasting and virtual worlds and....). We are forming a group to implement some of the recommendations we created as part of a group wiki editing exercise.

We finished up with an amazing spontaneous conversation . It just showed that people had really "got" the implications of the new tools. The topics ranged from:
  • the budget for our online journals and whether people could access them well
  • google scholar
  • what our younger users are up to
  • how these tools are a bit like the internet when we were first exposed to them - we know that they will change what we do, but can't exactly see how,
  • Second Life and Universities with campuses there
  • how we can find out how our users are using our site
  • how the number of information sources has grown so large that we can't afford the luxury of providing subject heading access like we used to
  • how far we should go to meet students where they are instead of where we think they should be. (is this new for academic libraries? - I don't think so)
  • where intellectual rigour fits into students' searching strategies.
Being able to talk about these things in a knowledgable way without seeming totally confused, scared or bewildered was the aim of the project, so I was just sitting there thinking "yes, yes, yes..yaaaay!". We raised many more questions than we answered, but I think that also might have been the whole point of the project.


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More image makers (your text to pics):

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Thanks for the tip. I'm working on an "I love.." badge and a road sign right now.

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No problem, glad you are enjoying it too.