Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Poor pus-y pierced punk puss

Beware of gross tale to follow....if you want to read about happier animals, try this article about the rabbits who take ecstacy.

Nougat trendsetting

Poor Nougat had a grass seed surgically removed from her ear a couple of weeks ago. On Tuesday I noticed a lump on her cheek on the same side. Took her into Dr Jess, our neighbourhood vet.

Jess saw that Nougat had been fighting and picked a very small scab off the top of the cat's head. She then gently pressed on the cat's cheek.

A lava flow of greeny smelly pus poured out of the little puncture in the top of the cat's head, and flowed down. Jess kept pushing. I'd say about one and a half teaspoons of gunk came out. Exorcist city!

Nougat had to stay in the night and Jess operated the next day. After Nougat's cheek was drained, it had to be kept open. She now has a piece of fishing line looped inside her head...entering through the wound at the top of her cheek, through the cheek and out the hole at the bottom of it.

For the next week or so, we have to pick the scab off the top of her head, wash off the ooze and turn the string to keep the wound open. And wrap her in a towel to stop her clawing us and stick an antibiotic down her throat twice a day.

So..girls and boys, if you want a nice fluffy kitten for Christmas, just ask yourself....are you prepared for it all to turn out like this??


Sian said...

Poor wee Nougat! My heartfelt sympathies for your punctured puss.

I won't push the issue that dogs don't get themselves into this sort of dilemma (not having claws to dig in to one another like cats). I especially won't push this issue because basenjis climb, and therefore get themselves into equally challenging positions requiring extensive human intervention, aid, attention, etc.

Nougat is lucky to have such devoted care.

Kathryn Greenhill said...

And all Basenjis everywhere are lucky to have such a dedicated champion.

Yes...I bet that Basenjis don't rub the sides of their faces on everything in sight. (sigh)

We're watching her carefully when she goes outside, as if her arch nemeis, the dreaded fluffy-grey-cat-with-the-very-small-meow sees the loop in her cheek, she's a goner.

Iris said...

Oh, that sounds miserable. The only real wounds I ever got from my cat were the result of a few sharp claws escaping the supposedly secure towel wrapping as I stuffed meds down his throat. Best of luck!!!

Kathryn Greenhill said...

Yes, we're lucky to have 4 hands on the job in our house. And none have been scratched so far...

Although my Co-Pilot did receive some raking scratches from her hind claws down his leg.

Now she's getting better, she's got even more oomph.

Stitches come out tomorrow. Don't know which party will be more pleased.

theunlibrarian said...

Poor kitty! I must say that I wish Robin has fishing line instead of the 1/2 in tube...he looked like "Frankendog". I hope her wound is healing well.

tardandemotional said...

I just googled 'cat bump puss' because I found a bump filled with puss on my cats head and came accross this article. I feel ill now. But the piece of string is cool.

Ginny said...

My cat Tista had hair missing on her throat and I thought nothing of it and now she has white bumps that ooze a foul odor. I am wondering if anyone has experienced this. I am taking her to the vet but cannot afford it for another 2 weeks and if it is really urgent i will try and come up with the money, does anyone know anything that can help?