Monday, July 10, 2006

Very collaborative blogging

Spent a couple of chunks of the weekend setting up a couple of new blogs with CW. My blog count is now 11 in two months. Counting the new two, that's four active "real" blogs.

We'd muttered and mumbled about blogging the upcoming Click06 conference here is Perth. We were also muttering and mumbling with some other Ozlibloggers about a collaborative Australian libraryland blog.

We stopped muttering, bought some webhosting,got a domain name, installed some software, set up some templates, found a structure, decided a scope and we got ourselves two blogs ready for Australian Librarians to play in. Well, not quite ready...the RSS feeds aren't up and there are a few "under construction" signs about. is a collaborative blog to track what is happening in Australian libraries. We want to include things like events, ramblings, job postings, interesting pointers to web sites and "how to" posts. We want it to be more conversational and informal than any official organisation could set up.

Let's Blog Click06 is set up so that a team of bloggers can track the September conference. Nothing to do with me being away on a family holiday during the conference!

It was great to work with CW. We follow the same kind of serpentine work path. We get to the goal, but she meanders in similar places where I would.

It's also great to have someone who can make more time to work on the project than me. And doesn't mind me saying "we need to do x, y, z, so how about you do x and y, I'll get a phone number for z and you can do the other 10 steps involved". I guess you could call that collaboration.

While I'm tied up finding a bandaid so Mr 3 can smell it and helping Mr 8 get his behaviour under control, I know someone somewhere is doing what we mapped out. It's a good feeling.

I need to say a thank you to my Co-Pilot and M who looked on bemusedly while their houses were invaded and they lost their life companions in the blogosphere for the weekend. And supported us with advice and cups of tea.

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