Sunday, July 23, 2006 going swimmingly

HAPPY BIRTHDAY... (affectionately known as lint) is two weeks old today. So far we have had 23 posts and 83 comments...and not all of them from me. We had 256 hits on Friday. We have had some really great feedback via other blogs. Try a google blog search on our name ( like this ) to see them.

My favourite post so far has been
VALA meeting (melbourne) 28th June brief report
from sparkle, where she passed on some very useful information about RFID, got really personal and told us what she had for dinner and amused us by telling us how she momemtarily mistook Barry Jones for Bob Ellis. Blogging at its best.

My favourite comment so far has been one from Kate in response to Hoi's
Blogging and the public libraries post. Hoi described her planned thesis topic. Kate mentioned a relevant paper she was in the middle of writing for presentation at Information Online 2007. Why is it my favourite? Because I have been rabbiting on about new technologies like blogs allowing academics to bypass academic libraries as the conduit for scholarly discourse.

If this type of hook up is happening on our blog, then I'm sure that it is happening everywhere in all disciplines. Kate might have talked about her research to Hoi if they met while attending the same function, but the chances are slim. While blogs may not become formal sites for scholarly exchange, the informal linkups between researchers are increased.

I'm not going to republish my posts from here, but I will every so often add a pointer. Here's one to my post on
Blogs: Who’s reading? Who’s writing? .

Now I shall finish my leek, potato and lentil soup and continue on with my (kid free!!!) evening, again with the cat stuffed up my poncho. Excuse me.

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