Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Not quite as good as a couch...

MyUniversity Library has a new book display. It has comfy couches. I can watch what other people are choosing. I can flick through several books in one sitting..not reading, browsing. It is in a corridor between two buildings, and right near our reference desk. This means people strolling past or waiting for the ref. desk are introduced to our new stock.

Comfy chairs, books on wall.

I don't like the list of new books in our catalogue. I can't absorb it in one glance...and it takes too much effort to read each title. I do like the way it displays the cover of one new book on the backlinked page.

AM sent me a nice half way idea for those times when I can't get into the library and browse.
Edward Vielmetti , who writes the Superpatron - Friends of the Library, for the net blog has made a mashup using the RSS feed from the Ann Arbor District Library 's Innovative Interfaces catalogue. He's taken the cover pictures of books featured in the new books list and placed them all on a single screen. He explains it here and has an image of it here. Clicking on a cover takes you to the catalogue record.

Now, all I need is someone to somehow integrate the Amazon.com function that lets you "look inside" an item, sit on my comfy couch and pretend.


Andrew said...

I agree, the new books list is pretty daunting. It would be cool if you had some feeds on that - and even better if you could get specific feeds like fiction, non-fiction or by subject, history, computing etc. Having my news reader tell me what new books were coming in would be cool.

I like the physical new books wall and often stop for a look. But judging by the online list the books on the wall must only be a subset of new books purchased, right?

Lastly... hmmm... sofas! Those chairs are not bad but there could be a few more of them around the library. It's nice to be able to browse and then sit comfortably to read.

Kathryn Greenhill said...

Thanks for your feedback Andrew.

Yes, we're working on new book lists via RSS feed. We have just upgraded our system and now have the power, just need to harness it.

All the new books for the last week should be on display. Those that don't fit on the wall are in the brown wooden bookshelf, seen on the left of the image.

We are remodelling North Wing level 3 in the next 6 months, so I'll pass your comments on to someone with the power to make your bottom more comfortable.

CW said...

At MPOW all the comfy chairs and lounges are very popular!