Monday, July 03, 2006

If was truly Innovative

Hey...wanna see what happens to Amazon when accessed through an Innovative Interfaces OPAC?

Click here,
If Amazon sucked like our old OPAC . Go on, I'll wait.

If it can do this to a vibrant, dynamic site like Amazon, imagine how your collection could look if you didn't have this type of OPAC interface.

This was created by David Walker, Web Development Librarian at Cal State San Marcos library, who has some really excellent projects in his blog, including:
  • Shrew, a system that provides a fully customizable and extensible interface to the Innovative catalog system, as well as a an SRU and OpenSearch server.(see this record for Vikram Seth's A suitable boy)
  • RSS Creator, a system that leverages SFX and Metalib to create RSS feeds for any journal or newspaper indexed and abstracted in a library's subscription databases.
I'm seriously impressed and just wish I had his skill set. Then I'd feel Really Useful.

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