Thursday, July 20, 2006

All linked up

Connections abounded last night.

CW and I gave our workshop about how to blog a conference at the State Library, then moved on to the monthly Perth bloggers meetup at a pub about 100 metres away. I drove home thinking about so many things, but this morning I'm dwelling on how people want to interconnect, arrange things so they can connect, help others to connect, and accidentally connect.

Reg Bolton bringing out the best in Mr3.

Where were the connections?

  • JJ talking about the need for country librarians to link up and how blogs and wikis may help.
  • K3 seeing that the conference blog could be a conduit for matching spare rooms in Perth with attendees needing accomodation.
  • Richard talking about holding barcamp in Perth on August 5th, the same day as they happen all around the world.
  • Chatting about the effect that Reg Bolton had on so many people in Perth and around the world. He taught not only his circus skills, but also empowered others to teach them. No-one will ever do it like he did, and certainly is not likely to touch so many lives in the same way.
  • Finding out that Dee had gone to school in the same Southwest town as me and even knew a couple of the same people.
  • Talking about how I was at a party a few years ago and everyone co-incidentally had some kind of link to Z, except for me. Toxic Purity telling me that she knew someone, W, who tended to be the same. Yes, it then turned out that most of us sitting around the table actually did know W.
  • Comparing notes about breastfeeding with Toxic Purity and Skribe and marvelling about the networks that are set up by people who have been there, done that to help parents and babies learn how to do something that no-one expects to have to actually learn.
Like yesterday, a good day...but this time, no reframing necessary.


CW said...

Look at this wiki! Looks like some library folks in the US are doing their own barcamp thing now... I love the idea of an unconference

Kathryn Greenhill said...

Maybe we could unblog it? I wonder what an unblog would look like?