Sunday, July 02, 2006

So I don't wake up at 5am trying to list things in my freezer...

I'm halfway through drafting a librarian-y post about mashups. Was just checking my feeds before bed, when I was infected by the "five things" meme. Thanks (?) cw

5 items in the freezer
  1. Three months worth of home made tomato sauce for pasta so that Monday's meal is always easy.
  2. Three months worth of home made kidney bean Mexican sauce, so the kids can be fed if we have to find a meal in a hurry or want to eat adult stuff.
  3. Home made date and oatmeal slice. Six bags full made by Mr 3. and me on Monday.
  4. Apricot and bran and something else muffins.
  5. Eight loaves of preservative free wholemeal bread.
5 items in my closet
  1. Genune 1960's black silk handkerchief hem dress that was obviously hand sewn for someone with my exact body proportions. Found in the upmarket Vinnies shop in Freo and bought for $20. Still waiting for occasion to wear it.
  2. My parents' old x-rays.
  3. A bundle of letters that my Great Uncle Jack sent to my Grandma during the war.
  4. Probably the cat, curled up on whatever has dropped to the floor.
  5. A box full of too many extra shoes. Haven't worn them for 10 years. Probably never will. Can't discard.
5 items in my car
It's new enough for us to take junk out of it when we leave. How long will that last?
  1. Small Matchbox car.
  2. Water bottle.
  3. Rug covering back seat.
  4. Uncollected by Paul Jennings.
  5. Road atlas.
(5 items in my car when we went to Mandurah today
  1. Large crate of brio.
  2. Large crate of duplo.
  3. Red suitcase for Mr 8 who was going for a sleepover.
  4. Cane picnic basket.
  5. Dustpan and brush.)

5 items in my purse
Don't have a purse. Use small leather bag on string around my neck
  1. PDA.
  2. Mobile phone.
  3. Keys.
  4. Cards, card, cards and cash.
  5. 2 GB thumb drive that has NEVER BEEN USED.
5 random things (because this is a five things meme)
  1. Way past my bedtime.
  2. Mr 3 is having a sleepover in our bed because Mr 8 is having a sleepover away from home.
  3. Mr 8 is going to a rollerskating party tomorrow and I can't wait to strap my skates on again. I'm a woman of an age where I was a teen inspired (not repulsed) by Cliff Richard on roller skates singing "Wired for Sound", and Olivia Newton John roller skating in Xanadu.
  4. I'm wearing a polar fleece poncho that I sewed for my Co-Pilot because he always wanted a poncho, then promptly stole to use as a dressing gown.
  5. I get to sleep without trying to do this meme all night now. Yay!

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