Monday, November 13, 2006

Librarian 2.0 Manifesto and videocasting

Read the book? Now see the movie.

Kingrss has creatively turned Laura Cohen's excellent "A Librarian's 2.0 Manifesto" into a videocast at YouTube.

It's great to see the free and meditative form used, and the shots from Burning Man. Along with David King's "Are you blogging this?" clip, and the St Joseph County Public Library's "Ray of Light" clip, it' s giving me an idea of what's "allowed" in library videocasts (that would be.... personalised, creative, artistic, captivating, free form and alternative visions).

I've written the main points of my screencast for 5 weeks to a Social Library onto Post It notes and shuffled them around in my exercise book. Tomorrow night at work, I start turning them into slides using Captivate, to create a draft storyboard and something I can build into a fully fledged screencast.

The wonderful L. from our Teaching and Learning Centre is very experienced with shooting video and interviewing, so she has offered to slot in some "vox pop" micro-interviews with staff who participated. I just need to tell her what I want asked. We'll experiment in changing the video to the right format, compressing it, then dropping it seamlessly into Captivate.

Not sure where I should draw the line for my screencast between a "professional" feel and a "fun" feel. If I'm alert, I guess I could aim for both...but I don't want to confuse everyone with anarchy.


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