Monday, November 27, 2006

Keep "Library2.0" in Wikipedia

There is a proposal currently for discussion on Wikipedia that the entry for "Library 2.0" be deleted from Wikipedia.

Initial proposal says that it is...
A neologism coined by a blogger and used by bloggers, not notable Lurker "

The people I'd expect have jumped in and defended it, using the arguments I'd expect. They cite legitimate academic articles to show how the term has escaped the bilbioblogosphere. It is now being used by librarians who have never read a blog in their lives, to describe a change in our profession.

In itself, it's an interesting debate about the "Library 2.0" concept it just the "2.0" label whacked on the end of another concept, to form a buzzword...or is it a shorthand to describe a new way of serving our clients?

I'm also enjoying learning about how Wikipedia works as a living, breathing "debate" and reflecting about what this means for "set truths" found in an encyclopedia like Wikipedia. I don't remember any entry in my print version of Encyclopedia Britannica changing from one reading to the next. Does this lead to more or less certainty about the veracity of the facts?

I was just as fascinated watching the "discussion" page for Steve Irwin's entry immediately after his death.

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