Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why I wouldn't subscribe to my own blog

I read heaps of blogs, but seem to always lust after more.

To feed the monster, every so often I:
1) Check in bloglines who has publically subscribed to this blog
2) Check in bloglines who has publically subscribed to other blogs I like
3) Look at the blogs that those people have subscribed to.

4) If I don't already have a blog in my collection, I run it through my blog-o-meter and subscribe to it if it passes.

More! More! (image)

What twiddles the "yes" dial on my blog-o-meter?

1) Updated within the last 2 - 3 weeks
2) Frequent regular posts
3) Not covering the same ground as something I already subscribe to
4) Description is a bit more unique than "Jane Jones gives her idiosyncratic view of librarianship"
5) Short posts about tools and sites that are useful
6) Posts usually less than 4 paragraphs long

My blog usually does not pass 6). Probably wouldn't have passed 4) either.

It's a good thing that other blogs slip though. How?
1) Recommendations or pointers from other blogs.
2) Looking at the blogs of people who comment here and on other blogs
3) A "something about you" experience where I just know I'll be friends with the type of blog I don't usually mix with.



DISCOM said...


Iris said...

Short posts... Hmmmm. I guess if you average the days I don't post into the word-count I might come down to 4 paragraphs. Maybe. :)

When I first started blogging I didn't realize bloggers had a culture of short posts. Then, in an effort to do what was expected, I tried the short post thing. I've obviously given that up, for the most part...

Kathryn Greenhill said...

I think that there are the "shart, sharp, facts" blogs; and the more reflective blogs.

I tend to subscribe to the short sharp facts blogs, but write a more reflective blog. Maybe if I was writing a ssf blog, then I'd subscribe to reflective? Actually I like the mixed ones, where a clear personality comes through. I can easily read John Blyberg's posts regardless how long.

Your last post would certainly have got through the blog-o-meter. But then we probably ruined it by making the comments longer than the post....oooops.

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