Friday, October 27, 2006

Introducing...Kathryn Greenhill

This post is brought to you by the Department of Way-Too-Much-Information

The other day, Iris asked me where I got the name "sirexkat" from, and I told her:

Sirexkat came about when I had already registered on a site as Sirex, then forgot my password, so had to create a new ID - so used the first 3 letters of my name.

I used to post to a ParentsPlace forum for mums who were pregnant at the same time, way back in 1997. I took my handle from my cat (who is in my profile photo and turned 11 last week). She's an almost hairless Cornish Rex
. When they breed them with Siamese markings, they are called a Sirex. (sigh-rex).

I called my first blog Sirexcite (as in Sigh-rex site and Sigh-rex cite), but saw that when it was written it looked like "Sir- excite" This gives quite a different impression!

At the moment I'm contemplating ditching it all and just writing everything as "Kathryn Greenhill". I write as Sirexkat on my blog and lint
, but then as "Librarian Kathryn" when I moderate on lint. I'm commenting throughout the
blogosphere with sirexkat and Kathryn Greenhill. Getting a bit too confusing for me. (And then there's Emerald Dumont in Second Life......)

Oh..way too much about names...maybe I'll recycle it as a blog post :)

Consider it done.

The tipping point for me was when Jennifer quoted from a post I'd written on lint about "early adopters" as "Librarian Kathryn", and I thought it looked unduly cryptic.



Jennifer Macaulay said...

I have also had bizarre issues happen with different names, aliases and references in the world of blogging. I initially started my blog anonymously - using just my first name. Some of my posts or comments then ended up being labeled by scruffynerf (which is my username for many services). I finally just posted my real name hoping to alleviate some of the confusion. This is definitely much more straightforward. I try to use my full name when posting and commenting.

I also find it difficult to decide what to call people when citing them. I figured, in this case, that since your post on lint (I love that abbreviation) was attributed to Librarian Kathryn that was what I should use. I do understand your point about that seeming to be cryptic. I have added your full name to the post.

Here's to being open!!

Kathryn Greenhill said...

OK Jennifer, I just have to ask.....scruffynerf?? You have a scruffy cat and the "nerf" bit is from Jennifer???

Your post was right in its attribution, because that was the only info I had on lint at the time. I just thought it looked a bit like you were quoting a cartoon character.

I guess I've also realised that there is more of a professional component to blogging, especially somewhere like lint.

Jennifer Macaulay said...

It is a Star Wars thing. I was at an impressionable age when Empire Strikes Back came out - and Han Solo was my first love. In this episode, (during one of their spats), Leia calls Han a 'scruffy looking nerfherder." This is one of my favorite cinematic moments.

I'm glad to know that Librarian Kathryn was your only info on lint. I try and be thorough in looking for the correct information on those I quote. However in one instance, I called a he a she. This was actually one of the reasons that I decided to add my name and a picture to my blog - to help lessen the confusion for others.

Kathryn Greenhill said...

Ah.. I see this name thing has now spread to your blog ....and threatens to break the banks into another blog ....It's a good thing that the blogosphere can now learn about sirexs, nerfs and goblins. I want to know more, more....