Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Watch this

I was half way through writing an early morning post about how thrilled I am that I'll be presenting in Five Weeks to a Social Library when Mr4 (a known bed wetter) wandered up to me in his 'jammies, gave me a big cuddle and said "The only part of me that isn't wet is my head". So please accept this is lieu....

If you're like me, in the last couple of days you've seen links in many library blogs to this YouTube clip prepared for the 2003 St Joseph County Public Library Staff Development Day. You've probably thought "It's a staff development video, how interesting can it be? ".

I exhort, encourage and strongly suggest that you watch it now. It's an uplifting portrait of the day in the life of their library. I found myself not only admiring their library, but thinking about how my library would look portrayed in the same way - "If we were showing people staffing the enquiry desk at night, this is how it would look, and I can imagine us showing Jane in cataloguing doing that".

Michael Stephens encourages us to steal this idea and see what we can come up with for our own libraries. Worth thinking about. I wonder whether he realises that he not only showed the day to day workings of the library, but also let slip how dedicated and engaged the staff are to have spent what was obviously a huge chunk of personal time crafting the piece.

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