Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What do off-duty librarians do?

Today my good friend S and I had our annual "go to the posh revolving restaurant in the city for High Tea" afternoon. S is a librarian too. Browsing though the shops afterward, we ended up at the new-ish Borders bookshop in the Hay Street Mall, as I'd not been there kid-free.

En route, we popped into the Birkenstock shop (B store) and tried on some Masai Barefoot Technology Sandals. These cost about $400 a pair, but we both have friends who had epiphanies over these shoes - they've cured their back pain; they're going to wear them to balls, the beach and work; never will they wear anything else on their feet. The sole is shaped like a rocking horse's rocker, forcing you to adopt correct posture and use your core stabilising muscles. Of course, you need to be instructed in how to walk in them- so S and I imitated the "strutting dude" kind of walk, following the salesperson in a circle around the shop, looking like a kindergarten music and movement session.

Walking back to the train station in our infinitely inferior shoes, we realised what we'd been doing....

"Looking at books and checking out sensible shoes"

Shhhh.... don't tell anyone or we will have set the image of the profession back by 20 years.


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Ben Cousins Injury said...

Yes, it's amazing what a difference appropriate (I steadfastly refuse to use the adjective 'sensible') shoes can make.

I had trouble with my feet, which caused problems with my legs which caused problems with my back.

Thanks to Newtown Physiotherapy in Sydney I discovered the right footwear and have not had problems since.

My feet are now much more comfortable when I'm shopping for books!

PS. your secret is safe with me!