Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Librarian 2.0 jobs.

So, you're a skilled up Librarian 2.0 looking for a place to flex those bloggy wiki muscles. Where do you go?

Probably not anywhere in Australia. Yet.

I suspect Librarian 2.0 positions will be created as people in existing positions redefine their jobs and add a bit here, drop a few responsibilities there.

But, should you want to travel to the US, you could try out for one of the below..

1. Virtual Branch and Services Manager at Tapeka and Shawnee County Public Library. (open now)
The Virtual Branch & Services Manager will provide vision and leadership in designing, bringing online, and supporting the Virtual Branch, bringing ideas to the table with a high “wow, cool, nobody else is doing this!” factor.

2. Nextgen Librarian I/II/III at Wayne State University Library System. (January this year)
Wayne State University Libraries are currently seeking a dynamic, creative, and self-directed individual to join our talented team of librarians, web developers, multimedia specialists, instructional designers, and systems administrators. As the “NextGen Librarian” you will play a leading role in exploring, implementing and supporting transformative technologies that will enhance access to our electronic resources and services.

3. Specialist of Library Technologies at Genesee Valley BOCES, an educational services site. (March this year)
While the posting is for a school certified librarian, the key word is librarian. We need someone to manage Web 2.0 tool development to support member librarian blogging, podcasting, a Moodle server, Drupal, and other services. (Link is to reposting in Jenny Levine's The Shifted Librarian blog)

4.Librarian 2.0 at Kingston Frontenac Public Library (March this year)
We are looking for a Librarian 2.0 in preparation for the 2.0 World
  • Lead our virtual reference team, implementing transformative technology such as IM, podcasting, and streaming audio/video as well as participate in our traditional reference services
  • Recommend and implement new and developing technologies such as wikis, blogs, etc
  • ....
OR sit back, wait.

Anyone want to wager how long it will take for a 2.0 job to spring up here in Australia. Maybe it already has. Any informants out there?


CW said...

Gawd I'd jump at such a job in a snap! It will take years I reckon. (Yes feeling tired and a bit pessimistic at the moment. ;) )

Anonymous said...

Hi .nice blog.I need to find jobs .can anybody send links of that job websites....
Thank you.....