Friday, June 23, 2006

Blogs I've had before...

I was asked at work to look into blogs and RSS feeds and how we could use them in our library. Started one Monday public holiday (ANZAC day) while I staffed the ref. desk. That was April 25th. It's now June 23rd....

In 2 months, I have created:
  • Kathrynarium at bloglines. First blogging site I found. Used it to track my progress.
  • A dummy blog on my iinet account, using SimplePHPblog software.
  • Sirexcite here at bloglines (pronounced Sigh rex sight...named after my cat)
  • MULTA here at bloglines.... a blog outlining a project I wanted to run at work.
  • Kathrynarium at the MULTA site. Currently am blogging there and here in tandem. Most posts there go here
I hope this will be my last blog for a while....

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