Monday, June 26, 2006

OMG! Embarrassing initials I have known

Maybe if I blog this it will seem funny...perhaps tomorrow.

I'm currently administering a site where I do a weekly poll. I had made some introductory screencasts, without voiceover, and wanted to ask whether the speed of them was OK.

So...I put up a poll question "How are you finding the speed of the screencasts?". One of the options was "Waaaaay toooo slooow", and of course for one of them I did the opposite and made "WTF (Way too fast)".

About 24 hours after I'd posted the poll, I noticed what I'd written and thought "OMG..that's got a double meaning".

Now I'm not the most prim and proper of librarians and I was worried that my colleagues would think it was deliberate. Or that I thought they were so behind the eight ball that they wouldn't notice if I swore.

ASAP I changed the option to "Way too fast", but wondered whether I should have made it "WTQ(Way too quick)" or changed the poll question to include an apology for inadvertently being offensive. But then it all seemed to highlight something they mightn't have noticed.

Either way, I'm red and mortified.


CW said...

So did anyone notice? :)

Kathryn Greenhill said...

Not that they've said anything about.....I'm not sure if the MULTA dwellers have found their way to this blog yet.