Sunday, June 25, 2006

The "I" answers.

Took up CWs meme tag challenge from this morning.

I AM: going to a party this afternoon.

I SAID: I would go straight back to work after I had my baby.

I WANT: to live long enough to see both my kids turn 50.

I WISH: I had more time.

I HATE: being phoned at work at 3pm on a Friday by my son's daycare and being asked to pick him up because he developed a cold sore after he woke up from his nap.

I MISS: the certain steady world of being a kid.

I FEAR: beetroot.

I WONDER: whether I'll finish this meme all in one sitting.

I REGRET: not much. Not having more time with mum when she was dying.

I AM NOT: getting enough sleep.

I DANCE: every Thursday night in dance class at the gym.

I SING: songs from musicals with the kids, all day, every day.


I MADE: 36 black poplin capes for my son's Harry Potter party.

I WRITE: not nearly as much as when I was a teenager.

I CONFUSE: people who look similar.

I NEED:time away from people to recharge.

I SHOULD: be sitting at the dinner table.

I START: what I think I'll finish.

I FINISH: most things eventually.

I BELIEVE: that I don't need to make sense of my world, just live in it.

I KNOW: how to breastfeed

I CAN'T: whistle by blowing out (only by sucking in).

I SEE: changes in my environment that other people miss.

I BLOG: because it's the only way to see what it's all about.

I READ: copiously, continuously, eclecticly and voraciously

I AM AROUSED BY: smells. Male sweat of the right type.

IT PISSES ME OFF:when I'm in a room of people talking about something I have no idea about.

I FIND: most people nice.

I LIKE: being the age I am

I LOVE: being healthy

I TAG: If you're reading it, consider yourself tagged.

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CW said...

I love memes :) (Sure they are all me me, but every blogger treats them so differently!)