Thursday, September 21, 2006

Reader, I married him.

The Co-Pilot and I were married today on the beach at Mission Beach in Far North Queensland.

We thought it would be romantic to run away to paradise and be married, so we did. We only told the kids about it on Monday. They were ringbearers and bubble blowers throughout the ceremony.

We made the usual vows and exchanged rings and then had a sand ceremony where we poured sand representing us individually into a container representing our marriage. If you are friends or family, we'll email you or send you a postcard with the address of our family blog so you can check out more photos.

It may take a while as I'm going to stop blogging on my wedding night right now.


Deanne said...

Wow, congratulations! Mission Beach... sigh.

And I thought I had a big day buying bras... :-)

TB-) said...

I like your dress!

Kathryn Greenhill said...

Thanks very much. We've been married a week and a half now and it seems like forever. (Might have something to do with the 18 years we've been together already).