Monday, September 04, 2006

Oh Crikey!

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm on holidays in Queensland. We're currently on the Sunshine Coast staying in a caravan park that we selected because it is just 20 minutes away from the Australia Zoo .

I have plenty of blog posts half written, but haven't been blogging because the only net access I have is a $2 per quarter hour kiosk. Today I'm breaking my resolve.

Mr8 was complaining in the car on the way home from visiting the Co-Pilot's aunt that he didn't get to swim today like I'd promised. After wandering in a hedge maze, walking through the rainforest and visiting a quaint mountainside village , we just didn't have time to fit it in.

"I know", said I, switching on the radio, "I'm really sorry. I did promise it, but we just didn't have time to fit it in. I do promise that we'll spend all day at the Australia Zoo tomorrow".

Cue radio news. Cue story about how Steve Irwin
died this morning while filming underwater in Port Douglas. Cue strange out of body experience as the announcer described how Steve was pierced through the heart by a stingray.

Our camera is full of pictures of the kids with stingrays that we saw yesterday at Underwater World, so the kids well and truly know what they look like. They actually seem to be handling the news better than we are.

My quandry is whether we still go to the zoo tomorrow as planned. As far as I can see at the website, they will still be open. I imagine that it will be full of cameras and reporters, and the atmosphere will be very strained. We are only here until Wednesday when we leave so we can spend Mr3's fourth birthday at Wiggles World on Thursday. The TV here has been showing updates every hour or so as the night goes on.

When we planned the holiday, we sat the kids down and explained to Mr8 (who wanted to go to the Crocodile Hunter's Zoo) that the Croc Hunter probably wouldn't be there. We explained to Mr3 that the Wiggles definitely wouldn't be at Wiggles World. Turns out I was celebrate the 1st anniversary of Wiggles World, the Wiggles WILL be there on the 15th. We are planning to go, but haven't told Mr3 yet.

After the events of today, I think we might keep that under our hats a bit longer.


Deanne said...

I was devoed to hear the news from over here, let alone the day before a visit to the zoo. I did think of you guys when I found out (strange how quickly we think out our connections to an event, or the degrees of separation) and I hope you all have/had a fab time at Wiggles World. Will Jeff be awake? I wonder...

Kathryn Greenhill said...

Hi Dee. We'll try out Wiggles World tomorrow...then return next Friday when the Wiggly ones are actually there. We can buy a $15 ticket to return. That way we check out the rides tomorrow, before the crowds of devoted worshippers turn up.

After 15 years together, we just hope they are not planning to announce their retirement on the day we are there!